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How can Canada be a global leader in conflict resolution and enact measurable change on the world stage?

Credit Kristen Cook Photography  http://thehlrproject.tumblr.com/

On my Facebook feed this morning, I encountered a university prof asking how to talk to his students about the ISIL crisis and a young person posting a link to a non-mainstream talk show that discussed the middle-east history, and the impact of post-colonialism and geo-politics. Heady stuff. Both these posts made me happy because it showed some people are considering responses carefully and educating themselves in this complex situation rather than reacting with the most immediate emotion: anger. Which got me to thinking. As a management consultant, how would I approach the problem? First, for me, the short-term actions are out of scope. With the speed of responses like bombing and … [Read More...]

Business Consulting Dragon Slayers?

Business advisors who take on the tough projects

When your situation stops being "business as usual" The Canadian Association of Management Consultants  or CMC-Canada launched an advertising campaign in 2014 with an image that depicts consultants as facing a fire breathing dragon made up of paperwork, old systems with a few disgruntled employees thrown in if you look closely.   While most consulting engagements don't involved dragon slaying everyday, it is true that the dragon represents many of the reasons why corporations hire outside, independent business consultants. CMCs are trained to take a process oriented and analytical approach to business problems which helps take emotional reactions and gut feelings out of … [Read More...]

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