What does NRC DTAPP cover?


NRC DTAPP? Gezuntheit! (Blog Updated, March 2014) If you clicked on this article, I am assuming you know what NRC DTAPP is or at least know not to confuse it with a sneeze or symptoms of a cold.  Neither should NRC DTAPP be confused with the DTaP  vaccine for diptheria, tetanus, pertussis  but the convoluted […]

Management Consultant or Contractor?

Social media consultants are not management consultants

I don’t call myself a social media consultant even though a lot of the integrated marketing and communications work I do includes social media. Social media consultants are great at what they do. And while it is great to be recognized in my industry as being knowledgeable in communications and social media marketing, I don’t […]

Top 4 Rules for On-line Community Managers

Consultant discusses community management

Community Management – like marketing – is an art – just like hosting a great party. The host will mill around the room, speaking with guests, making sure they have what they need and making introductions. But great party hosts know there are rules to the game. Businesses are jumping to create Facebook pages, open […]