How Management Consultants Promote Client Products

Management Consulting – It’s all in the Mix

Promoting a product – whether for the technology or service industries requires a mix of marketing and management techniques…and that mix is never the same because every value proposition is different. As consultants, we do the standard feasibility studies, market assessments, competitive analysis, make the plan and, if you need – implement it. Determining what items to do, when, how and on budget is key to the consulting process and that’s where our implementation experience in linking the marketing plan to strategy and the business and partnering model is important.

The product launch world has changed dramatically – we have done Facebook and Twitter campaigns that link to communications storyboards and over business strategy; quizzes, trivia, contests and sweepstakes. We use a variety of blogs and social platforms to socialize your content. We build landing pages and databases to capture your leads. We use bloggers, tweeters, paid search and authority sites to create buzz. We write your story board, and posting policies, manage your community and use a variety of social media techniques to build a web presence for your product. Plus we do social media policies and procedures, measurement, monitoring and reporting.

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The following are things you can do promote a product or a concept while building an online presence. We have provided publicly available links and examples of consulting work we have done to plan, position and promote product. 

How to build credibility within your community

Present a Poster to a Community

Write a White Paper for a Leading Industry Magazine

Make Videos

Speak at a Conference


Write Technology Introduction Articles

Write Vertical Specific Articles

Amplify Articles

Create Case Studies

Create and socialize an infographic

Technical Collateral

Have Third Party or Partner Write a Case Study

Participate in On-line Communities

Guest Blog and Live Tweet

Other promotional and management analytic tools

Review of web presence (mystery shopper)
Press Releases/SEO Press Releases
Linked In Groups
Push content onto 3rd party sites: Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, Reddit, Delicious
Facebook Business Page/events
Build your own community
Organize or sponsor Meetups Contests – across blog, mobile, Facebook, Twitter
Email campaigns
Internet Marketing Ads/Pay for Click Advertising
Media Buys
Web to Lead Landing Pages
Trade Shows
Virtual Trade Shows
List on Industry Specific Authority Sites
Participate on SM sites and industry forums
Train employees and act as community manager
Monitor social media (brand management)